Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Who We Are.

Who We Are

BitForge Studios has been buzzing with activity since our last post. But before opening the floodgates with info about out current project, we wanted to let you know a little bit more about who we are. So with this post we want to introduce ourselves to you. BitForge Studios is a small dev team composed of 2 guys that grew up as next-door neighbors in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As kids, Daniel Lee and Phil Mainprize had common interests in things like Star Trek, Legos, playing video games and adventuring in the woods behind their neighborhood. Over the years they both developed a love for technology and game development, and during their college years, Phil started making a collection of ideas for games. This notebook filled with ideas is what drove them to start making games. In 2012 they decided that making games was more than just a hobby and began pursuing it more actively. Thus BitForge Studios was formed in late 2012. We got these 2 guys to take a break from development and write a brief bio for themselves, so keep reading and learn a bit more about the team.

Phil Mainprize: Lead Game Designer

I have always had a passion for science fiction, stories, creativity and adventures. These passions culminated and were given form when my dad brought home a NES when I was like 5 years old. Playing games with my brothers and neighbors became a daily activity. Waking up early to squeeze in extra game time before chores was something we all became good at. Over time I evolved through the various gaming systems, VIS, Sega Genesis, PS1, N64 etc. It was during this time I fell in love with video games as a medium for story telling and the experience of sharing those stories with friends. I grew up, went to High school and became interested in PC gaming. When I graduated high school I built my first computer and got interested in programming and game design. Then I went to a small college in Arkansas. It was during this time I became more serious in my pursuit of making games and constructing modes to encourage story telling. By studying psychology, anthropology and other subjects I became more and more interested in how stories and myths affect our everyday choices. During college I also was lucky enough to convince my high school sweet heart to marry me. Lets just pause here to mention that she is a total legend. And without her I would be an empty shell of a man. Kristin I love you. My wife and I moved to Brooklyn where we live and work. That’s about it for me, hope that gives you guys a face to put with BitForge Studios, and I hope you will love our games as much as I do.

Daniel Lee: Lead Programmer

My name's Daniel Lee. Most people call me Daniel Lee. The more time I spend writing this bio, the less time I spend writing code. So, I should get this over with because I have a new camera script to write. This is going to sound strange but, I enjoy writing code. Programming is somewhat therapeutic to me. I'm currently studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Tulsa. I usually carry a pretty full class load. So, being able to take a break and write code for a game as opposed to an assignment is nice.
The first time I tried to make a video game I was 8 years old. I say, “tried” because I was unfortunately not a child genius. I was writing it in DOS on the old Apple II in my 4th grade computer lab, and I had no idea what I was doing. Working with one of my best friends at BitForge Studios is the realization of a dream that started a long time ago. I enjoy the work, and I hope you enjoy the results!

With the current dev team, BitForge Studios is working towards making totally kick-ass games, but BitForge Studios is also looking to grow! We have some open positions so if you are interested in joining the BitForge team, send us an email with your resume to

That’s all for now, our next post is going to discuss a little bit more about what our goal is as a game development studios and reveal the first bit of information on our current game!

Want to know more about what’s happening at BitForge Studios? Follow us on Twitter @BitForgeStudios!

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