Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cleverly Titled Post #3

   In our previous blog posts we introduced BitForge Studios and The members of the dev team, this post will focus a little bit more on our inspiration for making games and will finish with some exciting info on our current project.

   The name BitForge comes from our love for technology, story telling, creativity and culture. The Bit portion represents our love for science, computers, programming, science fiction and the future. It helps us to constantly focus on innovation and creative thinking. The Forge represents not only the hard work that goes into making a game, but conjures for us images of something ancient and integral to human civilization. With out the Forge human kind would still be in the Stone Age. These two words are what inspire us to make great games for the future without forgetting where we come from as people.

   In our first post we discussed how story telling has been important to mankind throughout history. We believe that is still true today and one of our goals, as a game developer is to make stories that are worth telling. Stories that encourage us to be brave, just and selfless, but we know that telling only these stories would paint a picture of mankind that is untrue. Mankind can also be cowardly, unjust, and devious and by telling these stories as well we represent who we are as a species. By making games that help us understand ourselves we can help to change the world for the better.

   By now you know who we are and why we make games. So lets get to the fun part. For the past two years we have been working on game projects off and on. We now have the time to create and complete a game. We opened up our ideas notebook and began fleshing out 3 different game concepts to see which one took hold. We had a military strategy game that didn't make the cut. We also were forced to give a 2D maze explorer the ax. The game idea that was chosen is a classic. The current project, code-named  HQ-77, is a RPG-Tactics hybrid. The game will emphasize strategic tactical game-play, with strong RPG elements. The game world will be built as a massive hexagon grid. You as the player will travel this world and play whatever role you choose. Hero, or villain, you will play this game as you desire writing your own story and becoming part of a living breathing world.

   That’s all the info about HQ-77 you will get for now, but don’t worry, all future posts will be about game development and will slowly reveal more and more about the game. We hope you are as excited about it as we are, can’t wait for our next post to share more info with you!

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