Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BitForge Studios

      BitForge Studios is a small independent video game developer based out of Brooklyn, New York. Founded on the idea that being creative is a fundamental part of being a human. BitForge Studios strives to make games that are fun, challenging and allow for the player to be creative while playing top notch games. Here at BitForge Studios we believe strongly in the art of story-telling. Since the dawn of human civilization, telling stories has been a primary method of giving ourselves meaning and purpose, as well as, teaching us how to interact with others. Books are stories written by authors, comics are stories brought to life through drawings, movies are stories that take a whole crew of people to tell; in the same way a video game is a story that we as developers construct. That story is then given to players to play through. Playing a video game is what allows us to discover and participate in an amazing medium for telling stories.

      Now that you know what BitForge Studios is, we hope you are excited about the future of BitForge Studios' games and content. At BitForge we feel we have a responsibility to bring you quality games, we also believe we have a responsibility to our fellow man. Because of that 10% of every game purchase and donation will be given to charity. We are still looking for the right charity to give to, and as soon as we pick one we will have more information posted for you to read about.

      Here at BitForge we also want to be actively involved with the people who play our games. So we invite you to comment and ask questions, we look forward to making great games for you to play. We are going to setup forums and community stuff eventually, but until then feel free to email us at

      That wraps up this first blog post. We are very excited for the future and look forward to giving you more information about upcoming games and content. Thanks for stopping by and reading this post.

      Want to know more about what’s happening at BitForge Studios? Follow us on Twitter! @BitForgeStudios

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