Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Codename HQ-77

 Welcome everyone!
      Its time for the first development post that will begin the slow reveal of information about HQ-77, we are so excited to begin this process. So lets get to it. HQ-77 is going to be a tactical role-playing game that offers you a classic pen and paper, D&D style story experience, with an amazing level of depth that grows from many different facets of the game. The levels of this game will range in size from small skirmish maps to large continents to quest across. Hexagon shaped tiles will be placed together to build large volcanic mountains, dangerous swamps, and a whole range of geological biomes.These biomes will yield unique monster encounters, unique cities and hours of game play.

      HQ-77 will have many pre-built levels at launch, and we are working on a system to procedurally generate levels of various sizes. These features will add tons of replay value to the game.

      So now that you know a little bit about the genre and game world, let’stalk about what all can be done. HQ-77 will be very sand-boxy, however not a world builder like Minecraft or physics playground like Garry’s Mod, but more a decision based sand box. Each action you take will be recorded and will feed into a very complex character alignment system, and that system will change the way all the characters in the game will interact with you. We hope that this system inspires characters to make choices for a reason, not just arbitrarily. Our goal is for players to interact with a story driven by meaningful choices that will affect the game world and change it for the better or worse.

      Well, that’s all for this post, that gives you some exciting information about HQ-77, it’s genre, it’s game world, and why playing it is going to be a blast.

Join us next time for a more in depth discussion on the  RPG-Tactics Elements of HQ-77.

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