Wednesday, February 6, 2013

8 Hour Game Jam and Exciting News

Welcome Back!

   Today we bring you a very special surprise. Our original plans had us presenting a dev blog about lore and back story for HQ-77, but we did a little challenge at the office this past weekend and we wanted to share our results from this. Our challenge was to make a very simple game in 8 hours. The result of this is a game we are calling SURVIVE!

   The game of survive takes place on 2 islands that you as the player have been stranded on. You have limited health, you are always hungry and thirsty, and you are constantly going insane from your solitude. The only way to survive is to find and consume food and clean water. Food comes in the form of apple trees, and water comes in the form of clean water holes. Now before you go off eating every tree and drinking every pond, you should be warned that some trees bear no fruit, and some ponds are tainted water that will only quicken your impending doom. The resources will randomly spawn around the map, so you have to explore to stay alive. The game/ prototype is unforgiving. You will die or go crazy and then die, its only a mater of time.

   This 8 hour game jam was a ton of fun, and we hope we can flesh out SURVIVE! More in our spare time. Survive however, is not the only exciting event that occurred over this past week. While we are still working hard on HQ-77, we found some time to team up with an Artist named Kent Sheely, and here is his website. We here at Bitforge are thrilled to work with him. Kent and Phil have been working on fun little concept call Spacepods. This top-down asteroid intergalactic combat game is in its infancy, but the road ahead looks very promising and we can't wait to share it with you. Seriously we can not wait!

So here are links to play SURVIVE and Spacepods in your web browsers!!

   We hope you enjoyed this break from the normal routine and have some fun playing these to games. We are working on a high scores database for Spacepods! If you take the time to play please leave us some comments and feedback below!

Have a great day and game on!


  1. Survive
    - I'm guessing the purpose of this game is to survive the longest time? walk the furthest distance? A step counter or timer would give one the insight into how one is doing. Otherwise I'm just walking around with a shaking screen for no reason...

    - Is the shaking an Earthquake? Is it my lack of water, lack of food? It is unnecessarily annoying when I don't know why its occurring (Not to mention it hurts my eyes). A prompting of these things might help me to know more of what's going on. "earthquake" "find water" "find food." It might increase my looking for a specific resource.

    - My resource meter's weren't increasing as I would collect more things. I have screenshots to show if needed.

  2. Jared, Thanks so much for your feedback, All of those are great ideas and things we would love to put in the game. Seeing as it was made in 8 hours its pretty bare bones. The purpose is to stay alive and the next thing we want to implement is a timer so you can know how long you have been alive. The shaking is your character going insane and the idea to tell them what things to find when they are running low or going crazy is great. Also the meters don't increase because eating more food only stems the tide of hunger that is overtaking you. Once you land on the island, you will never have a full stomach again. Muhahaha. Thanks so much for your feedback. Also Vegemite!